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    As we ramp up towards our first admission group arriving on the 20th July, there may be some delays in processing new referrals, we thank you for your patience.  

    All referrals from NSW will be paused during the evolving COVID situation. We will be ready to re-commence the referral process once the COVID situation improves. 

      Admission Information

      Consideration for admission to Wandi Nerida is via referral by a treating GP or Psychiatrist using the referral form. All information presented in the referral form is submitted via encrypted messaging to Wandi Nerida.

      Eligibility Criteria

      • The service is sex/gender inclusive.
      • Age >16 years (dependent on developmental maturity). Wandi Nerida is licensed for participants from the age of 14 however will only take age >16 years and above until further notice).
      • Primary DSM-5 diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa, Binge Eating Disorder and Other Specified Feeding or Eating Disorder (OSFED).
      • Participants must have a BMI of >13.5 (>75%IBW for adolescents)
      • No current significant self-harm/suicidal ideation.
      • Participants are not subject to a treatment order under Mental Health Act 2016 (all participants must be willing and able to consent to treatment.)
      • Independent management of mobility.
      • No active substance dependence.
      • Residential treatment is assessed to be the most appropriate mode of treatment at the time.
      • Manageable dietary restrictions (Participants are willing to place 'on hold' their vegan food choices and choose from other food options including vegetarian).

        Medically stable as evidenced by:
      • Systolic BP 90mm (>80mm for adolescents) or above
      • Heart Rate >50 and <100 bpm
      • No significant postural tachycardia or hypotension
      • Normal ECG (no acute changes)
      • Electrolytes that are normal or can be managed by oral replacement.

      Participant Acceptance

      Acceptance to the program and admission to Wandi Nerida will not only be based on an individuals’ eligibility  or their position on the waiting list.

      Factors which will be taken into consideration include:

      • the individual’s fit with the current milieu
      • the needs of the wider participant cohort
      • a prospective participant’s financial position
      • the number of places available to each state and territory will be equitable. 

      Referral Guidelines

      • Referrals to Wandi Nerida will be accepted through Hothealth (VIEW FORM).
      • Only referrals from treating General Practitioners (GPs) or Psychiatrist accepted.
      • Referrers are encouraged to create a user account to allow ease of use for multiple referrals (CREATE ACCOUNT).
      • Creating an account will allow referrers to save the incomplete form and return at a later stage.
      • Pathology (FBC, EUC, CMP, LFT, TFT, Random glucose) results can be copied on the referralforms via HotHealth.
      • You can not submit incomplete referrals. You are able to save a draft and return to complete it within 7 days. 
      • Incomplete referrals will not be accepted.  

        Please note that while we endeavor to abide by the below timelines we may have some delays within the first couple of weeks after opening for referrals (5 May 2021).