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What makes Wandi Nerida different?

At Wandi Nerida our multidisciplinary team works collaboratively to ensure programs are tailored to address the symptoms, behaviours and socio-psychological factors associated with eating disorders.  Each participant is instrumental in the design of their recovery plan and our team are committed to addressing their individual medical, emotional, physical and nutritional needs. Wandi Nerida provides a home like environment where participants can envision recovery and establish a positive relationship with food which they can continue at home.

We have a high staff to participant ratio and our treatment is delivered in a home-like environment where you will be provided with real life experiences in preparing and portioning food. Our model of care, while based on successful international models, has been designed to give you an opportunity to focus on recovery and rediscover your authentic self and embrace health. Wandi Nerida is set in a beautifully serene Australian bushland setting and our unique, naturalistic setting is an integral part of the model of care.

Family members, carers or other significant people in the lives of each participant will be invited to be involved in family therapy sessions held each Saturday.  This may only be possible for those who live in close proximity and / or can travel to the facility (and where COVID-19 directives allow).  State of the art telehealth facilities will allow us to engage carers who otherwise can’t attend on site.