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About Wandi Nerida

Wandi Nerida is a gender inclusive residential recovery centre for Australians with an eating disorder. Wandi Nerida provides a safe, nurturing and healing environment where you will get an opportunity to focus on recovery. You will receive treatment from a multi-disciplinary team focused on you as a person, rather than on the physical aspects of the illness.

Access to Wandi Nerida

Access to Wandi Nerida is through direct referral from your treating GP/ Psychiatrist. 

We suggest you book a long appointment with your treating practitioners as the referral requires detailed information about your eating disorder, your current treatment and blood results. It is likely that you will need to have these blood tests and  ECG done following your appointment with your doctor, unless you have recent results. Your doctor will be required to copy these results into your referral form before they can submit your referral. 

All potential participants are required to review the Participant Handbook to consider if this program is right for you. 

We are unable to provide vegan food options and require that all vegan participants at Wandi Nerida are able to put this 'on hold' for their stay and choose from other food options including vegetarian.

You will be required to sign a Participant Agreement where you are agreeing to follow all of the requirements of the program as outlined in the Participant Handbook prior to being considered for Intake Assessment.  

Referral Review Process

After receiving your referral, the Wandi Nerida team will review the information provided and send you a link to the Self-Assessment Questionnaire which allows you to tell your story in your own words. You will also receive the link to the Participant Agreement. 

The Self- Assessment Questionnaire & Participant Agreement are to be completed and submitted within 3 days of receiving the link. Your referral can not be processed if the form isn't returned within the timeframe and we urge you to ensure that you get it back to us.

Intake Assessment

Once we receive your completed self assessment and participant agreement forms one of the Wandi Nerida team will be in touch to arrange a mutually agreeable time to schedule a Telehealth appointment. The appointment will allow us to discuss the information we have about you and find out anything else we may need to know. It is an opportunity to chat to a staff member about the program and ask any questions you may have.

Multi-Disciplinary Team Meeting

At this stage, all of the information we know about you will be discussed by the team of health professionals and a decision made about your readiness for treatment.  You and your treatment provider will be notified of the outcome. If you are accepted and placed on the waitlist our team will be in contact once we have a confirmed admission date to provide you with further admission details.

Bursary Application 

You will have an option to apply for a bursary to assist in covering the cost of your stay. The link to the Bursary Application form will be emailed to you once your referral has been received.  You can find more information about the Bursary Program here

The Bursary Application will be reviewed once your Intake Assessment has determined that you are suitable for the program.  Please return all documents required for the Bursary Application to 

Once a decision has been reached by the Bursary Committee, we will provide you with a quote outlining the costs of the program, it is important that you check your level of cover with your Private Health Insurer if you plan to make a claim under your policy.   


One of the Wandi Nerida team will be in contact with you once the an admission date has been identified to discuss your admission and any steps required during the pre-admission stage, you may be required to have repeat blood tests and ECG prior to admission.  The team will also discuss your flights, accommodation, arrival time to Wandi Nerida and confirm what to bring for your admission.  

Your account will need to be paid in full 5 days prior to your admission date. 

Admission Day

On your day of admission you will be met by the Clinical Director and other Wandi Nerida staff who will help orient you to the facility. We understand that this would be an incredibly daunting step and are committed to helping participants settle in at Wandi Nerida.

We accept admissions on Mondays at 11am. Your family are welcome to accompany you to Wandi Nerida to support you through the admission process.  Families will be required to depart after 60 minutes, any transport should be arranged with this timeframe in mind. 

Wandi Nerida is committed to ensuring your safety during your stay, this includes ensuring that you are medically stable and can attend the programs.  We strictly apply the QuEDS Protocol for the assessment of medical stability, any Participant who arrives medically unstable will be transferred to tertiary care for stabilisation.  

During Admission 

If you have 3 meal refusals including refusal of a supplement, you will be discharged from the program.

At times during your admission you may wish to express your thanks to a staff member who helped you through a particularly difficult day or week. We ask that you write a short note rather than purchasing a gift.  On discharge, if you would like to buy a gift, one for the facility is preferred over individual staff gifts; it is our policy not to except gifts over $50.